Blepharoplasty is a gem in the world of medical sciences. The eyelid surgery helps uplift your appearance by making your eyes look sharp, alert, and bright. It also helps get rid of other eye concerns, such as wrinkles, bagginess, and hyperpigmentation.

What Is The Right Age To Undergo Eyelid Surgery?

Since the eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a minor procedure, there is no age limit attached to it. Usually, people over 30 years of age undergo this eyelid surgery due to the signs of aging. However, some people are born with sagging or drooping eyelids.

In such cases, it is possible to undergo treatment at a younger age. But, plastic surgeons ask you to wait until you are 18 years of age to undergo this cosmetic procedure.

That being said, if drooping eyelids are causing issues with vision or hampering with emotional or psychological well-being, the procedure may be performed before you turn 18.