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A lip lift is a procedure that reduces the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip, increases the fullness of the upper lip, and reveals more teeth.

Lip elongation is part of the aging process, and Dr. Baker sees patients who complain that their teeth are invisible and that the length of their upper lip looks too long. Younger patients and models may desire fuller lips, but the teeth are buried under when fillers are used to achieve this result. A lip lift will provide the desired lip fullness while preserving the youthful visibility of the teeth.

Depending on each patient’s appearance and goals, variations of lip lifts can be performed to tailor the result to each patient’s desires.

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The lip lift procedure offers enhancements that not only improve the appearance of the lips but also contribute to overall facial symmetry and youthfulness. Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Lip Shape: A lip lift accentuates the contour and fullness of the lips, creating a more defined and youthful appearance.
  • Increased Visibility of Upper Teeth: By shortening the distance between the nose and the top lip, the procedure exposes more of the upper teeth when you smile, enhancing facial aesthetics.
  • Reduced Signs of Aging: Removing excess skin from the portion of the upper lip can dramatically reduce age-related sagging and flattening of the lips.
  • Subtle Yet Noticeable Results: The lip lift surgery provides a subtle enhancement that complements your natural features, avoiding an overdone appearance.
  • Minimal Downtime: Most patients can return to work and normal activities within a week, making it a convenient option for those seeking significant aesthetic improvements with minimal interruption to their daily lives.

Risks and Complications

While a lip lift can offer significant aesthetic benefits, as with any surgical procedure, it carries potential risks and complications. Dr. Baker prioritizes patient safety and education so that all individuals are well-informed about these possibilities:

  • Numbness: Temporary loss of sensation in the lip area may occur, typically resolving as healing progresses.
  • Stiffness: Initial stiffness of the lips can happen due to swelling and healing but usually diminishes over time.
  • Pain: Some discomfort is expected after surgery, but it is manageable with prescribed pain relief methods.
  • Parasthesia: This refers to a tingling or prickling sensation in the lips, which is generally temporary.
  • Lip Distortion: There is a small risk of uneven healing, which can lead to temporary distortion of the lip shape.
  • Lip Lengthening: Unintended lip stretching may occur if the scar does not heal properly.
  • Smile Deformation: Alterations in how the smile appears can result due to changes in the lip structure, usually temporary.
  • Speech Impediment: Some patients might experience temporary changes in speech clarity as they adjust to the new lip position.
  • Visible Scarring: Scarring is an inevitable part of any surgical procedure; however, its visibility can vary.

Dr. Baker is particularly cautious about the technique used during the lip lift procedure. Removing skin at or directly above the white roll has been associated with unfavorable outcomes, such as unsightly scars and increased stiffness in the lips. Therefore, he avoids this type of incision to minimize these risks and ensure more aesthetically pleasing and functional results.

The Procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Baker, you’ll discuss specific details about your medical history and the lip lift procedure itself. Typically performed under local anesthesia, the surgery will involve removing a portion of the upper lip skin just beneath the nose. This technique is designed to shorten the distance between the nose and the top lip, revealing a fuller, more youthful smile.

Preparation and Aftercare

Preparation for a lip lift involves several guidelines to ensure the best outcome, including ceasing certain medications. Aftercare is straightforward, with most patients returning to work within a week. We will monitor your healing process and the maturation of the lip lift scar through follow-up consultations.

Ideal Candidates for a Lip Lift

The best candidates for lip lift procedures have:

  • A desire for more permanent results than temporary injectable fillers (which only address volume)
  • Lips that have become thin, inverted, shapeless, or sagging with age
  • Had other facial rejuvenation surgeries and want their lips to be in harmony with the rest of their face
  • Had a rhinoplasty and find that their upper lip is too long
  • Naturally unbalanced lips
  • Naturally thin, inverted or flat lips that are nearly invisible, imparting an angry expression
  • The time available for healing and resolution of bruising (usually 10-21 days)

Those who already possess ideally shaped lips but desire a bit more plumpness may only need to add lip volume.

Pricing and Packages

Lip lift cost varies based on the specific technique used and the individual needs of the patient. During your consultation with Dr. Baker, he will provide detailed information about pricing and available packages, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your lip lift surgery.

Consultation and Booking Information

Booking a consultation with Dr. Baker is the first step towards achieving your desired lips. During this initial meeting, Dr. Baker will discuss various lip lift techniques, including the subnasal lip lift and corner lip lift, and what you can expect regarding results and recovery.

Dr. Baker’s Credentials

Dr. Stephen Baker is a highly distinguished facial plastic surgeon with an extensive and accomplished background in the field of cosmetic surgery:

  • Academic Position: Dr. Baker holds the esteemed role of Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Medstar Georgetown Department of Plastic Surgery, where he imparts his expertise to the next generation of surgeons.
  • Leadership Role: He serves as the Director of the MedStar Georgetown Center for Facial Restoration, leading innovations and advancements in facial rejuvenation techniques.
  • Research Contributions: Dr. Baker has authored multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts focused on advancements in facial rejuvenation. His scholarly work contributes to the broader understanding and development of aesthetic surgery techniques.
  • Pioneering Research: As a Face Q pioneer, Dr. Baker has been instrumental in outcome studies assessing patient satisfaction following facial aesthetic surgery. His practice is among the few in the United States chosen to participate in significant research funded by the Plastic Surgery Foundation, emphasizing his role at the forefront of his field.
  • Comprehensive Training: His extensive training encompasses plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and craniofacial surgery. This diverse educational background equips him with a comprehensive toolkit to assess and enhance the perioral structure meticulously.

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