Dear Dr. Weston,

I am writing to you to give you glowing feedback on your staff, which I know Georgetown values.

As an attorney, businessman, and former military officer, I know the importance of good customer service. I also know that poor customer service is more common that good service, and that outstanding service is rare. Most businesses get by with decent service, and do little to instill a culture of excellence across the enterprise.

Three weeks ago yesterday, Dr. Stephen Baker performed plastic surgery on my nose after I had a Mohs procedure the day before. The surgery was performed at Georgetown Hospital on an outpatient basis.

Every aspect of my interactions with MedStar personnel, from the persons answering the phone, to Dr. Baker himself, has been nothing but extraordinary. Suffice to say, getting plastic surgery, on the heels of Mohs surgery, was rather stressful. But the professionalism and kindness exhibited by your colleagues was truly remarkable.

Allow me to provide a bit more detail, and special appreciation for key individuals.

Christina Barra is one of the most professional, kind, caring nurse practitioners I have ever encountered. She has a ready smile and light touch, but exudes confidence and skill. From the day I came to the McLean office for an initial consult, to the day I got my sutures out, to today for my 3-week follow up, she could not have been more pleasant. She is truly the finest nurse, and medical professional, I have ever met. I feel like I’ve known her for a long time.

The front desk staff in McLean are efficient, kind, courteous, and even remember names. They are a credit to your organization, as they tend to be the “face” of the organization for most people.

Dr. Baker is cool, calm, collected, and does not seem to take himself too seriously. Yet he comes across as exceptionally competent, prudent, and measured. He is clearly in charge, but in a non-egotistical manner. He has an easy laugh, and from what I have seen, the staff seem to respond to him. His follow up call after my surgery was most appreciated. He did not rush the call, answered all of my questions, and was truly interested in how I was feeling. I never got the impression that I was just another patient—which happens all too frequently with some doctors.

Dr Lee, the anesthesiologist, and her assistant, were truly comforting and professional when I met them in the pre-op area. Both explained what drug they would use, asked me appropriate questions before the operation, and just had wonderful “bed side” manner.

Finally, my primary nurse in pre-op was so professional and delightful. She took my vitals; entered my data into the mobile computer, and generally chit chatted with me while she was getting me ready for surgery. Her mannerisms and professionalism eased my stress level, and she could not have performed her duties better from my perspective.

In summary, Dr. Baker and his entire team, are truly the finest medical team I have ever experienced. If all medical teams worked together like this, with a human-centered approach, the rest of us who are not medical professionals would not dread going to the doctor. From the folks answering the phone, to the attention to detail with respect to paperwork, to the Duke Medical School student intern, to Mr. Washington (the young African-American at G-town hospital who walked me back to pre-op), to Christina Barra, to the captain—Dr. Baker—they set the standard for professional care.

I trust this feedback is helpful.