Ear Reconstruction Washington DC

Ear anomalies may either be from birth or acquired from injury, skin cancer, etc. The goal in ear reconstruction is to restore the ear to its preinjury form.

Ear Molding (see Ear Molding in Pediatric Section) – This nonsurgical technique is ideally started within 3 weeks of birth and can use a molding device to normalize an abnormal ear just after birth. The therapy takes about 4 weeks and has few complications. For more information, please go under the pediatric section of Dr. Baker’s website and see Ear Molding.

Microtia (no ear) Reconstruction – If a child is born with the absence of an ear, reconstruction can be performed at 6-7 years of age to reconstruct an ear. Two major types of reconstruction are performed. One technique uses the child’s own rib cartilage to fabricate an ear. The other option is to use a plastic ear frame that is buried under the patient’s skin. At your visit, Dr. Baker will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both and help you determine thje best procedure for your child.

Traumatic Ear Deformities – Trauma may result in loss of part or the entire ear. Plastic surgery techniques can be employed using cartilage grafts and flaps to reconstruct an ear deformity that results from trauma.

Skin Cancer– Removal of a skin cancer can result in an ear deformity. Plastic surgery is the specialty that is focused on reconstructing the ear to obtain the most aesthetic surgical result.

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