“I just felt the need to send this email and express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Baker for everything that you have done for me. From the initial evaluation to my last appointment last Wednesday- my experience has been nothing but wonderful. I think because I’m deaf – this was an added challenge considering the need for clear communication and consistent services – which is exactly what I got. The sensitivity, warmth and friendliness that I received from your office made my experience a much more positive one. The professionalism and quality of service was just amazing. I truly believe that this happened @ the time that it did – for a reason. I had the best hospital, best secretary, best interpreters, best facilities, and most of all, the best doctor Dr. Baker – that I could’ve possibly had. I’m proud to share my very positive experiences @ Georgetown Plastic Surgery’s dept with my family members, peers, coworkers, and friends. It’s important to me that I remind your office just how big of an impact you’ve had on me.”