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There are many reasons to choose Dr. Baker.  Below are a few…


A Nationally Recognized Leader in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Baker is a full time faculty member, Professor, and the Program Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. He has two doctoral degrees, has completed two residencies, two fellowships, and has been in practice since 2001. He practices all types of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and has particular expertise in plastic surgery of the face.

Dr. Baker’s leadership and experience in academic plastic surgery position him at the forefront of the specialty. As a recognized innovator, Dr. Baker participates in the critical analysis of many new techniques and materials that are continuously being introduced to plastic surgery. He has published numerous articles, chapters, and even textbooks on topics of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has lectured nationally and internationally as well as been invited as faculty to meetings sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Baker engages in clinical research to develop new techniques that will enhance the quality for patient care, and his innovation has led to US patent applications. This experience allows Dr. Baker to be involved in the early evaluation of new ideas, products, and techniques. Those he values as safe and effective are adopted, those which he views with skepticism are observed until proven safe, and those that are associated with obvious potential complications are discarded.


An Expert Approach to Facial Analysis

Dr. Baker performs over 500 facial procedures every year. His unique training, experience and knowledge in facial surgery give him unparalleled expertise in assessing facial form. In every patient he evaluates facial proportion and structure of both the soft tissues of the face and the underlying skeletal structures. Having expertise in the anatomy and interaction of the facial structures allows Dr. Baker to develop the optimal plan to achieve his patient’s desires. Most patients desiring facial rejuvenation will benefit from soft tissue procedures only. However, often underlying bony abnormalities of the chin, nose, or jaws may play a role in the patient’s concern and thus, surgical outcome. There are few plastic surgeons in the United States with Dr. Baker’s combined level of expertise in the facial skeleton and the overlying soft tissues. Educating the patient about the entire face as it relates to each patient’s expectations is Dr. Baker’s primary goal. Typically, a well-educated patient will have a pleasant recovery and be happy with the result.


Not Just Another Cosmetic Surgeon

Almost all of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons began with reconstructive practices. In fact, almost all of the groundbreaking techniques in cosmetic surgery have reconstructive origins. In reconstructive cases, the patients’ problems are typically greater requiring more advanced and difficult techniques. However, as the surgeon achieves comfort and predictability with these advanced reconstructive techniques, they become powerful tools that can be adapted to the cosmetic patient. If a surgeon only performs cosmetic surgery, it is difficult, if not imprudent, to experiment with these advanced techniques in the cosmetic patient. A smaller repertoire of techniques will likely result in an improvement for most patients, but a surgeon well-versed in a multitude of advanced techniques has a much higher likelihood of safely achieving a spectacular result. The reconstructive challenges that Dr. Baker faces have given him experience and confidence in techniques that are difficult to develop when treating only cosmetic patients. His experience in complex facial surgery provides him the versatility to safely employ a broad range of techniques in his cosmetic patients to safely and predictably achieve superior results.


A Treatment Designed for You

Dual income households are not uncommon in the Washington DC Metropolitan region, and many patients do not have the luxury of a prolonged recovery. Dr. Baker will inform you of the factors that contribute to your aesthetic concerns but will also present a variety of treatment plans so you have the option to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. More extensive procedures provide results with greater longevity, but if you prefer a shorter recovery, Dr. Baker offers procedures that get his patients back to work quickly with minimal bruising and swelling. He offers minimally invasive procedures for all types of facial rejuvenation and combines these techniques with soft tissue fillers that restore the volume of the youthful face that is gradually lost with age. In fact, Dr. Baker is on the cutting edge of research in the area of fat grafting for facial volume augmentation. The combination of less invasive surgery with volume augmentation gives excellent results that give the patient a rested, youthful appearance without the longer recovery of traditional approaches.

Patients typically associate facial rejuvenation only with soft tissue procedures. However, frequently a patient’s cosmetic concern is actually related to a skeletal abnormality of the cheeks, chin, jaw, or nose. A patient needs to understand the contributions of both the soft tissue and the underlying bony foundation to fully comprehend the surgical options and the anticipated result. A simple example is a patient with a weak chin who presents with a desire for liposuction or a lift of the neck. In this patient, augmentation of the chin would probably produce the best result-either with or without a lift or liposuction.

It is important to have a surgeon who evaluates all aspects of facial structure to provide the patient a comprehensive treatment plan with various options tailored to meet the patient’s goals and expectations. Dr. Baker is facile in all techniques for aesthetic facial surgery whether it requires simply placing an implant or moving the soft tissue into a more desirable position. Dr. Baker’s background makes him uniquely qualified to provide a sophisticated, comprehensive evaluation of the soft tissue and skeletal elements of the face.


Recognized excellence by peers

Dr. Baker is proud to not just be acknowledged for excellence by media sources, but by a much more respectable group-other plastic surgeons. Many of Dr. Baker’s patients are referred to him by other plastic surgeons or are friends or family of plastic surgeons. Dr. Baker has been invited to many prestigious plastic surgery departments to lecture on plastic surgery techniques. Dr. Baker is a past President of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons and on the board of the American Society of Craniofacial Surgery.


Outcomes pioneer

The goal of plastic surgery is to achieve patient satisfaction, but how do we measure that parameter? Dr. Baker has been working with the FaceQ since its inception, and now his practice is one of the nine centers that is part of the Plastic Surgery Foundations FaceQ outcomes study in cosmetic surgery of the face. This is a tool that allows Dr. Baker to quantify the degree of patient satisfaction for each patient in facial aesthetic surgery. Dr. Baker has coauthored papers utilizing the FaceQ to demonstrate high degrees of patient satisfaction in facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), genioplasty (chin surgery), lip surgery, and dermal fillers. His results have also been featured in the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery newsletter. The value of this study is that it gives Dr. Baker a tool to determine the best technique for each individual patient.



Dr. Baker has been awarded patents in facial surgery and fat grafting by the United States Patent Office.


International Missions

Dr. Baker has participated in international surgical missions in Lima, Peru and Krakow, Poland. He has also worked with Operation Smile in treating their patients at Medstar Georgetown Hospital. However, Dr. Baker believes you do not have to go to a foreign country to help people. He participates with Tricare to help our Veterans and their families. He also participates with most other insurances to provide affordable care to Americans.


An Academic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baker is a Professor and Program Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Georgetown University Hospital, and he serves as the Medical Director of the Inova Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Program. His academic appointments at Georgetown University Medical School and Medstar Georgetown University Hospital keep him at the forefront of plastic surgery and require him to practice to the highest standard. He has been invited to lecture at institutions nationally, teach courses at national meetings, and be a visiting professor. Although he sees all types of patients, his referral base from other plastic surgeons and other physicians includes complex problems that require more advanced techniques. This high volume of complex cases provides Dr. Baker the experience necessary to develop and maintain his surgical expertise.


A Member of Plastic Surgery’s Most Prestigious Societies

Dr. Baker is a member of two of the most selective societies in the specialty of plastic surgery: the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and The American Alpine Workshop in Plastic Surgery.

To obtain membership in the American Association of Palstic Surgeons, the candidate must be board certified for five years and then membership is voted on by member surgeons based on excellence within the specialty of plastic surgery.

The American Alpine Workshop in Plastic Surgery is a small group of plastic surgeons from the United States and Canada who are all leaders in national and international plastic surgery. This membership is very selective, and the membership meets annually to discuss complex cases annually with the North American thought leaders in plastic surgery.


A Top Doctor

Dr. Baker has been listed as a “Top Doctor” by Washingtonian, Castle and Connolly (top 1% nationwide), U.S. News, Virginia Living, and Northern Virginia Magazine. He has also made the list of America’s Best Doctors, America’s Best Surgeons, and America’s Best Plastic Surgeons. As a note, Dr. Baker has never advertised in any of these sources.


An Accomplished Author

Dr. Baker has edited two textbooks and written over twenty chapters and forty-five peer reviewed manuscripts. He has presented locally, nationally, and internationally over fifty times. He has been invited to speak at courses or symposia over fifty times. His rhinoplasty work in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery was the most cited article in 2015.


An Award Winning Clinician

Dr. Baker has won awards for both his clinical and academic results at national plastic surgery meetings. Dr. Baker is engaged in active research and is considered a national leader in plastic surgery and lectures across the country. He currently has two patents for inventions related to plastic surgery.


Recognized for Excellence by the Media

Dr. Baker’s clinical results have been featured with his patients on the official website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)-both for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His research has also been featured on the ASPS website. Dr. Baker has been featured in major national and international media for his expertise and philosophy of treatment in plastic surgery content.

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